Siniša Reberski


Art exposition “Orbits and Paths of the Unreachable Galaxies” “Notes of the Unknown Author in the Unknown Letters”

Izložba /Exhibition / Austellung


Art Gallery Crnobori,
25.8.2022 – 4.9.2022

Association ARSANOVA

Kristina Tamara Franić
Art historian and ethnologist

Sleepless dreamers are those seeking for freedom. Freedom implies the motion and sensing of the things happened to us on the way. After the motion there comes the rest, the moment of comprehension of everything that happened to us on the way, of the things which bring us some kind of pleasure and spiritual tranquillity. “Now, you are there, where I am” whispers alter ego to each of us, on some of our spiritual itineraries, but only if we have learned to observe the inner world as Reberski had. He has been very good at that, since his boyhood. And he refuses to get rid of that talent, because it makes him happy and holds him close to his childhood and creativity. He uses his imagination, he dreams awake and everything he sees, that captures his intellect, he turns into the scene.

Talking about his work and his mission as an artist, he says: “I imagine some undefined character who is, same as I am, amazed by the world around him and cosmic appearances you can’t influence, but only observe and capture its pictures according to its abilities. Those are the scenes of the ways and the orbits of the imaginary cosmic bodies, based on the aesthetics of geographical maps in the form of atlas made for the space sailor. The notes on the maps are in different letters, unreadable for us, but somehow clear and familiar, due to the shared similarities of the same cosmic laws and same miraculous appearances we can’t control. I believe that there live minds equally fascinated by the unconceivable spaces and equally powerless facing miracles of the universe, captured by the universal faith. They probably yearn to meet us or some third, fourth or any other co-sufferer remoted by the insurmountable vastness of time-space and multidimensional.”

As an experienced cosmographer, Reberski maps the universe using his skilful aquarelles, topped by the long lavish titles which guide us, as a manual for the game, into the lucid itineraries, possible worlds of imaginary planetary systems. His paintings-maps bring elegance, stylishness and vividness due to the distinct tamed unrestrained game between artist’s intuition and knowledge. Reberski combines two techniques of the painting applying the perfect easiness and fine sensibility. Into the backgrounds treated by the aquarelle, giving the effect of the old and time-worn, he inserts calligraphic signs which seem like the abstract drawings. Thus he creates dynamic tension between soft and calm coloristic background plan and wild baroque of the letters of the unknown languages and secret messages from another civilisation. Sophisticated mollified register of the blue, turquoise, purple tones used for the planets and interplanetary smudged interspaces containing drawn ways of the star travellers, gives the impression of excitement and meditation, at the same time. Reberski’s works encourage us to act and to remain calm, at the same time, because our goal is certain and present.

The ideas require more than space, and Siniša’s planet sphere has the power of observation. His maps of the universe, same as medieval Harmonica Macrocosmica, bring the alchemist’s magic because they provoke strong emotions, awake new ideas contrary to the ratio. As an experienced Argonaut, Reberski discovers new worlds of metaphysical reality.
As playful as Petar Pan, sparkling and wise, Reberski creates new and new artistic cycles through the years following the same path and refusing to comply the boundaries of mind and logic. He paints the path-ways to some future space travellers which won’t need the spacecraft to travel, but only the imagination and few of his paintings.


Reberski, through this series of aquarelles, through notes of the unknown author in the unknown letters, refers to his own galactic pair, reminding him (self) on the life and death of the star in his (own) eyes. With that intention he painted the unique atlas of the Universe, the testament of the credo of his life – to be and to remain unique, original and to yourself.




Since 1991, he has been teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where he still works today as a full professor. He also lectured at the Study of Design at the University of Zagreb, the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka and at the Department of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. His narrow areas of artistic interest are painting and calligraphy. So far, he has exhibited in 30 solo and numerous group exhibitions at home and abroad. He prefers to paint in the technique of watercolor, for which he received several awards, including the Grand Prize of the “Croatian Triennial of Watercolor”. In his calligraphic work, he explores various approaches to methods and calligraphic techniques, both historical and experimental. He often associates calligraphy with painting to such an extent that it is sometimes difcult to determine to which medium his works belong. In his artistic work he combines various media exploring, their connections and common origins.


1990. Zagreb, Galerija JJ
1995. Ptuj, Mestna galerija
2002. Zagreb, Galerija Instituta Ruđer
Bošković – izložba “Besmisli”
2004. Zagreb, Galerija Lotrščak – izložba
”Šume šume”
2004. Zagreb, Galerija Studentskog centra – izložba “Šume u Strossmayerovoj”
2006. Zagreb, Galerija Učiteljskog fakulteta – izložba “Vatra šumi”
2007. Zagreb, Galerija Zvonimir
izložba “Slike šuma na srcu”
2008. Zagreb, Galerija Ulupuh – izložba
“Libersima – digitalizacija ptičjeg pera”
2010. Zagreb, Koncertna dvorana Lisinski
izložba ilustracija ”Zagonetno putovanje”
2011. Zagreb, Galerija Vladimir Bužančić
izložba – ” Pišem slike” – dekaligrafje
2012. Šibenik, Galerija sv. Krševana
– izložba ”Dekaligrafje”
2012. Zagreb, Dom HDLU, izložba
”Nadolazak neizbježne neminovnosti,
Demisti kacije”
2012. Zagreb, Koncertna dvorana Lisinski
izložba ”Neki svemir”
2015. Zagreb, Galerija Hrvatsko slovo
izložba ”Mapiranje svemira”
2015. Krk, Galerija Decumanus – izložba
“Ispod i iznad”
2016. Zagreb, Galerija Goranin – izložba
“Slika onog gore”
2016. Kornić, Etnografska zbirka – izložba
Glagoljska kaligrafja – palimpsesti
2016. Vrbnik, Galerija Baćin dvor – izložba
“Drugi svjetovi”
2016. Zagreb, Gost u grlu –
Kronike kulture – izložba “Kaligrafja”
2017. Sarajevo, Galerija Roman Petrović
izložba “Ispod i iznad”
2017. Zagreb, Galerija Ericsson
Nikola Tesla – izložba “Gore i dolje”

2018. Karlovac, Galerija Zilik izložba
“Dohvaćene nedohvatljivosti”
2018. Zagreb, knjižnica Utrine – izložba
2018. Beč, HKC – izložba “Andere Gesichter des Himmels”
2019. Dubrovnik, Galerija Marina Držića
“Igra Vidre”
2021. Hrašćina, izložba
“Nepoznata lica elegantnog svemira”
povodom 270. obljetnice pada
hrašćinskog meteorita
2021. Ivanić Grad, Pučko otvoreno
učilište, – izložba “Nikad viđeno – nebeski
2022. Rab, Galerija Pik – izložba “Fragmenti zapisa iz Atlasa Lutajuće galaksije”
2022. Pula, Banjole – izložba “Orbite i putanje nedohvatljivih galaksija” ZGC
– Zavičajna galerija Crnobori


2012. “Mirila” kaligrafja za animirani lm
Josipa Zankija
2012. “Goltzius and the Pelican Company” kaligrafja za igrani lm Petera Greenawaya

Selection of group exhibitions

1987. Zagreb – Galerija školske knjige –
izložba “Čovjek i sport”,
1993. Zagreb – Galerija ULUPUH-a
– izložba grafčke sekcije ULUPUH-a,
1994. Zagreb – Umjetnički paviljon
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1996. Zagreb – Dom hrvatskih likovnih
umjetnika – 24. Salon mladih
1998. Zagreb – Dom hrvatskih likovnih
umjetnika – izložba profesora ALU
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1998. Villanova D Albenga -”I Biennale
Internazionale di Tematiche Exlibristiche:
“San Giorgio”,
1999. Zagreb – Galerija Studentski centar
– izložba “Ethno ambient Salona 99”,
2000. Zagreb – Umjetnički paviljon
“2. hrvatski trijenale grafke”
2002. Zagreb – Muzejsko-galerijski centar
Mimara – izložba “Pasionska baština”
2005. Zagreb – Galerija Zvonimir
“3. hrvatski bijenale akvarela”
2006. Ljubljana – Galerija Kresija
– Izložba “En font terrible”
2007. Karlovac – Galerija Vjekoslav Karas
4. hrvatski triennale akvarela
2009. Zagreb – 5. trijenale grafke
Projekt – Cvijet hrvatske grafke
2009. Koper – izložba “Tipobrda”
2009. Zadar – ”Slika – hermetična
ikona Novog doba”
2009. Kaverljag – Korenine Kaverljaga
2011. Zagreb Gliptoteka ”46. Zagrebački
salon – Rukopisi novog doba”
2011. Zagreb Nacionalna i sveučilišna
knjižnica – Grafčka mapa ”Aleph”
2012. Zagreb, Klovićevi dvori
Biennale ilustracija
2013. Slavonski Brod Galerija umjetnina
”6. hrvatskitriennale akvarela”
2014. Zagreb, Klovićevi dvori
– Biennale ilustracija
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Grada Slavonskog Broda
”7. hrvatski triennale akvarela”
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“8. trijenale akvarela”
2022. Zagreb Dom HDLU
“9. trijenale akvarela”