the artist was born in  Supetar on the island of Brac, Croatia (on
December 27 th , 1975), and until 1994. he  lived in Postira on the island of Brac, Croatia.


He has been exhibiting since 1994., on more than 59 individual and 110 group exhibitions in Croatia and other countries. He was
awarded with couple of recognitions and  awards, among which, the most notable  ones include:

  • Redeem award of Venus in honey, City Hall for agriculture and forestry, Zagreb, Croatia (2007., 2020.),
  • 1 st Award from committee for XXVI Exhibition of the Small
    Format, Sabac, Serbia (2017.),
  • 1 st award for Sculpture, IV International Biennale of Figure “Marko Krstov Gregoric, Petrovac, Montenegro” (2018.)


Prominent art critics wrote
about his artistic work, including:

  • Zvonko Maković,
  • Slavko Timotijević,
  • Iva Körbler,
  • Tonko Maroević,
  • Ive Šimat Banov,
  • Draženka Jalšić Ernečić,
  • Nikola Albaneže,
  • Olivera Vukotić,
  • Stanko Špoljarić,
  • Davorin Vujičić,
  • Romana Tekić,
  • Sonja Petrović Jagić,
  • Vesna Bunčić,
  • Kristina Tamara Franić Kučiš..

A lot of his works are part of permanent exhibitions of  many museum, galleries and are part of private collections in Croatia and abroad (Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Turkey, England, Montenegro,  Spain, USA – California, Chile, Switzerland,  etc.) Hranuelli`s material and vital opus is directly connected to his origin, island of Brac.  Stone sculpture forms abstracted from figuration present mostly women (Venus) and  human figures in general, regularly in dialog  with tradition from prehistory over classical  antique times until the modern times. Vitality and exuberance carved into the stone,  and sometimes in other materials i.e. glass,  either in the small format sculptures or in  public character are features of Hranuelli`s  creativity. He is a member of HDLU (Croatian association of artists) since 2006. He lives  and works in Zagreb.
+385 95 8623 324